Sunday, December 18, 2005

Merry Christmas- here's the flu....

Well- I got two gifts yesterday, new furniture and the flu. So this will be a short picture essay.
This is my new bedroom set- I think it's Walnut? I don't remember- but it's heavy! There are two night stands- but one is still in that box you see in the bottom right hand corner of the picture. The dresser knobs are also not white- those are just protective Styrofoam that's still on.

Here is the entertainment center. There are shelves on top too- we just haven't put them in yet. It's going to go in that nook behind it- but I haven't painted it yet (that will happen Monday or Tuesday) and don't want to put it in just to pull it out (it's also heavy). You can't really see the details of it very well against the white wall- but the back is 'planked' looks sorta like beadboard.

Here is the other benefactor of my gift of pukiness (the other one is standing by the entertainment center):

This was earlier this week when she was still feeling pretty sick. Steve and Ashley are next in line. I'm pretty sure Steve's getting it since he's feeling 'weird' like I was yesterday. I hope Ashley and Corinne avoid it! Deep thought of the day- how come Megan can make it to the toilet to puke- but not to poop?

We also got and end table and a cocktail table (square coffee table) for the living room. I haven't taken them out of the boxes and put the legs on them yet though. Our area rug will come this week or next. Yay! I finally feel like we're starting to get it together.

We got the furniture from a guy here in town who orders from the same catalogs as the big stores (Rc Willey ect) but only marks it up 50% rather then 200%. So we got great deals. It's all solid, real wood- not pressboard or anything. It's nice to have 'real' furniture!


Steph said...

FUN! It is all beautiful. TFS

Alissa said...

gorgeous! ((HUGS)) Hope you feel better lickety-split.

Linsey said...

That is so pretty!!!! Hope your feeling better!

Becky said...

What an awesome set! I loooooove it (said like wheazy from dragon tails)
Im glad it came in time for christmas!