Thursday, December 15, 2005

What I did today or how I can be productive when I try

First of all we walked to school, came home and frantically cleaned for neighborhood playgroup. I decided rather then clean the whole house and let a bunch of 2 year olds play unsupervised upstairs I'd bring a few easy to share toys (blocks, legos, puzzles) downstairs and gate off the upstairs. Woo! It worked well. I'd forgotten that I'd offered to watch my friends two boys for several hours today- they showed up in the middle of play group. We had a great time, I'm really liking my neighbors.

They all left and I fed my kids plus two extra lunch- then attempted to start candymaking for taking treats to visiting teaching families tonight. Didn't work as both potty trained kids pooped their pants (gross) and all three kids in diapers pooped their pants. Lovely.

Just as I was starting on the poop fest though my friend showed up to pick up her boys (yay!) so I escaped other people's kids bodily fluids. (woo!)

I made a batch of almond roca, peppermint bark and chocolate popcorn just in time to go to my visiting teaching companions house. She was making cookies and we were combining to make up plates of each. Anyway, we hit some bad construction and had to sit through one light for three rotations before we could turn- the bad thing was that just as we pulled up to the light Annika puked. Fun. Lovely. We'd just had FIVE extra kids over to play today and now Annika's puking. I got to my companion's house and explained so she went without me and we turned around and went home. Annika puked twice more in the car- then continued in the house. Megan decided to join in on the fun. Sigh- being a mom is so glamorous.

Steve decided it was movie night and took all the girls upstairs (yay!) and I decided that I need to get cracking on my Christmas gifts. I cleared off my sewing table and set up my sewing machine and whipped out 7 hooded towels. YAY! Go me! I'm not sure why I kept putting it off (probably because I had to clear off the table) since once I got going it only took me about 10 minutes a towel. I'm giving them to my nieces and nephew for Christmas. I still have two more to do- but I'm not loving two of the towels I bought, I must have thought they were cute in the store- but here at home they're not so cute. So since two of my nieces live in town I can return those towels and get cuter ones and I've still got 9 days to do it. Here's a picture of the towels.

Cute huh? Katie don't tell your kids. Goofy

Speaking of 9 days- here is my list of things 'to do' before Christmas (with puking kids in the house, which ought to make things interesting- especially if I start puking).

Gifts to still purchase:
FIL gift
Grandma Haynes gift
couple of things for Steve
two gifts for megan
one gift for Annika
pjs for Ashley

Mail packages (must do on Friday morning)
take presents to girl in ward to wrap (totally bought that service at the service auction)
make goodies and deliver to neighbors (make them on Saturday and Sunday- deliver on Monday for FHE as a family)
we're supposed to attend a work party and a ward party this weekend- but I'm not sure that's happening unless there is no puking tomorrow. I need to make cookies, green beans and funeral potatoes for the ward party though.
clean my office (still) Embarrassed
I'm sure there are dozens of other things- but these are the ones that come to mind immediately.

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Alissa said...

oh freaking heck... your life=8 times more chaotic than mine right now. Seriously, the next time i start complaining please just point me to this post again. I absolutely adore those hooded towels. I wanna know how you made them! Hope you're through the pukefest and onto bigger and better things!