Friday, February 03, 2006

Ashley was lost!

So my neighbor usually walks Ashley home after school- but she had an appointment today and couldn't do it. I told Ashley to meet me by the lightpost by the bus pick-up. Then my other girls didn't go down for naps until 1:30 and I hate to wake them up because they're beastly when not fully napped. So I called another friend and asked if she could pick up Ashley and she said sure. Her kid meets her at the bike rack. So I called the school and had them get a note to Ashley to go home with Hannah and to meet her mom at the bike rack. So my friend calls and she can't find Ashley anywhere- she looked at the bike rack and at the lightpost and she was no where to be found. I told her that Ashley knows the rule is to go to the office if the buses leave and I'm not there. She looked in the office and she wasn't there- they paged her and she didn't come.

Then I got a call from a 'michelle' and she wanted to know if ashley was supposed to be coming home with her. Apparently there is another Hannah in Ashley's class and Ashley just assumed she'd go home with her and was just getting in her car. Luckily the mom that was driving the carpool (not even Hannah's mom- who I don't know either) called around before just taking this kid home. Whew! Scary 10 minutes though!

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