Friday, February 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Ashley!!

My baby is seven! I can't believe that you're that old. I can't believe that I'm old enough to have a seven year old!!

Six was a great age for you. You learned an amazing amount. You went from barely reading to reading entire books, you learned how to tie your shoes (in one ten minute, tear free session no less), learned how to ride a bike with out training wheels. You finished kindergarten and started first grade at whole new school, and we moved, so you made a whole bunch of new friends.

You are my first- the first pregnancy, the first birth, the first baby. You had three and a half years of being the only child, then adjusted to being the oldest of four quite gracefully. I see so much of myself in you on a daily basis. You're my helper, almost always willing to help out when I need it, and mother your sisters (even if they don't need it.) You're always smiling and usually giggling.

You wanted a 'bumble bee' birthday party last year and I convinced you to take bumble bee cupcakes to school and then we had a tea party at home for your friends. Apparently that wasn't good enough since this year you, 'really wanted a bumble bee birthday party because I think it would be fun.' So we did it.

There was a bumble bee cupcake cake for school-

And a beehive cake for your party:

We drew bees with our eyes shut, played 'pin the stinger on the bee' and tried to break balloons tied to other peoples ankles. We also made fun invitations together.

I'm pretty sure you had a good time. I've never heard so much giggling and squealing in my life that's for sure!

Love you girl!


Arlyn said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!!!

Mr. Mom said...

She is adorable and her b-day looks like so much fun!

Mr. Mom said...

Oops! This is really Rachelle, I am just logged in as my dh right now and didn't realize it. It's not some crazy stalker guy, just that crazy Rachelle.

Lei said...

You are really amazing with icing, Amber :)

bon said...

Sweeeeeet! You have those mad frosting SKILZ!
So did you have all that stuff in the side bar last nite and I was just too .....ummmm, tired to see it? or did that just go up today?

Amber said...

I just finished like 15 minutes ago. You are very observant. You get a cookie. ;)

Anonymous said...

hahaha...i was just going to post how glad i am that i came across your blog while searching google, my daughter is turning one and her favourite thing right now is Bees, so we are having a Bee themed birthday...then i read that you are LDS. I used to be LDS. Perhaps there was some divine intervention in helping me find resources for her B-Day. :) Anyways, Lovely pics & ideas. Thanks!