Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'm here!

I'm back in Vegas and back to my computer- we had a joyful reunion with tears and squeals of joy... wow- that sounds pathetic.

I had a great week (well, as great as it could have been) with my family and as hard as it is to see my Dad pass it's a good thing to see him out of pain. I'll miss his presence- but it was time.

The viewing was a very healing thing and I gave the eulogy at the funeral. That was hard- but was also very healing. Surprisingly I didn't cry except for initally and then was able to make it through it okay.

I'll post my eulogy in a couple of days since this is my journal and I want to keep a record of it.

I've got mounds of laundry to do, two cakes this weekend, visitors this weekend and a housefull of sick kids. So I'll be MIA a bit.

Thanks for the love.


Natalie said...

You did an amazing job with the eulogy. I felt like such a dufus for crying, but when I saw all of you and how strong you all looked and your mom and all I just got overcome with emotions. You're family is amazing! It was nice to "get to know" your dad better through all the wonderful things you and your siblings and others said about him. It is such a blessing that your dad was such a wonderful role model and example for you all. Lots of hugs and thoughts to your family!

Linsey said...

I am glad you had a good week! I was thinking about you.

Hope said...

I wonder if somebody should copy the entries to the guestbook on the obituary page and keep a record of them also. That night be a nice thing to have at the family reunion this summer for everybody to see.

Maybe I can get a chance to do it at work where I have a better computer, but I'm so busy now I don't have much time to play.

If you have decided not to post the eulogy or if that's what somebody was mad about, can you email it to me?