Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Smell this Internet!

I walked outside today and was greeted with my favorite flower smell in the world... well- for the moment at least. This:

Seriously, can you smell the jasmine? It's what marks spring in Las Vegas. Well- that and 90 degree weather. I really wish you all had scratch and sniff screens so you could enjoy this with me. I have 4 of these bushes outside my front door- how lucky am I!?!

Also today child #3 is wearing panties. Real, potty training ultra thick panties. It's 10 am, she's been up since 6:30. Once in her panties and once in the potty. I'm feeling good about this. I really really am. My strategy? Otter Pops. She can eat as many as she wants- as long as she's sitting on the toilet when she does. I'm cutting them in half- but then she's getting liquid so she has more 'opportunities' and she's getting potty sitting practice. Best of both worlds. I tried doing the naked thing for about 5 minutes. But this is my OCD child who insists on being fully clothed- so I told her she could wear shorts as long as she uses the potty, but if she gets them wet then she'll have to go naked. Hopefully that'll work.


Traci said...

This is totally unrelated to this post, so first let me apologize. I just looked at your cakes and they are great. I took a class last year and have done a few of my own, my favorite being a corset I did for a lingerie bridal shower. Maybe I'll post it on my blog. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that you do awesome work! I love the polka dot one!!

By the way, congrats on the potty training progress!

Tuesday Girl said...

Can you conme over & potty train my twins then? I just hate the whoel process.

Alissa said...

go Annika! Wahoo!

sheri said...

wahoo for Annika!
And we have an abundance of Jasmin around here..LOVE it! Seriously love that smell.

Anonymous said...

So I am going to need some serious potty training advice... it is just not going anywhere with Gabriela...
you know who =)

Amber said...

I somehow gave the impression that I'm an expert potty trainer or that I enjoy it. Neither is true in the slightest. I HATE potty training. I really do. Really, really, really.

So much just depends on the kid- and my first was easy (basically trained herself when she was 26 months) my second is 3 1/2 and still isn't 100%.

Child #3 is proving to be pretty lax- but day 2 and 3 are the hardest.

For Gabi I'd seriously put it off until you move. She's pretty stubborn (right?) and moving is a hard adjustment anyway. So don't do it then. Then when you do decided to do it start and don't look back. Get rid of the diapers and pull ups and just go for it.

But yes, PTing STINKS!

ubercyl said...

Awesome strategy. It's how my mom got my little sister to PT 23 years ago--popsicles, Sesame Street, and a potty chair.

Did you ever get that little kid's toilet for your bathroom?

I don't think I've ever smelled jasmine (that I know of), but spring smells are happiness!

Nettie said...

I love the otter pop idea! So smart!