Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy 4th of July (a little late)

I love the 4th of July. I LOVE fireworks. Not the little dinky ones you buy at the stands on the side of the road- but the huge professional shows. The bigger the better. I love the BBQ's, the summer food and fun and the casualness of it. There aren't gifts to buy or to expect- no pretensions.

We went to a big fireworks show put on by our city on the 3rd. It was at a park not far from our house so we picked up dinner and headed down there. They were supposed to have a large 'mountain' of snow for kids to play in but apparently there was an ice shortage? Yeah, so no snow- to make up for it they had bouncers with a line a mile long. So we skipped that. Megan saw a popsicle stand and wanted to get a popsicle but we wanted to find the snow first. When we found a place to sit down Megan and I went back to get popsicles. The lady said they were out and I told Megan and she made the most pathetic sad face I've ever seen. Apparently the saddest that the lady had ever seen either since she 'found' the last three and gave them to us. Apparently they weren't even selling them- the city was giving them away. If we'd known that before we'd have gotten some sooner!

Here is Megan enjoying her popsicle:

Here is Cori clapping and dancing to the live band. She LOVED it.
Here is Annika enjoying her popsicle:
Megan being shy:
I didn't forget that I've got another kid- but she's spending the week in AZ with her cousin. My Mom went down to watch my sister's kids while she went to girl's camp with the ward (as a leader). So Ashley got to go with her. She's having a blast- but she called today and was feeling homesick. She's coming home tomorrow though.

On the 4th we spent it with my NBF's family and some other families BBQing and playing games. We had a blast and stayed until the wee hours of the morning. We've decided that we need to do an all night BBQ once a month it was so much fun.


Dawnyel said...

I love that your daughter helped the lady to "find" those last 3 popcicles!! She's learning the art of manipulation EARLY!! :)

modernmama said...

Your girls are darling! The 4th is our favorite holiday--we love it!

Mama Darlin' said...

Popcicle smiles are the best, aren't they?

bon said...

Next time you are in town we can have us an all nite BBQ too... on our brand new patio! I'm just looking for a reason to use it and my new party lights!

Pechin said...

The picture of Annika, she looks like Spencer did in his baby pictures. They are all so cute!

Lee said...

Looks like you had a great time!! I love the 4th and all the fun!

Amber said...

Thanks everyone- they are cute! Annika's super blondie head does look a lot like spencer's baby pictures. I think she's going to darken up like spencer too since her skin is so olivey-toned.