Sunday, September 10, 2006

A big fish story

So before we even went on our trip the girls were excited about going. If you asked them what we were going to do they said we were going fishing. I don’t know if we had made an offhand comment or what- but Megan especially was really, really excited about going fishing. So we borrowed some gear from Steve’s dad so that we could take them while we were up there. The thing is that fishing isn’t very fun. No offense to you fishermen/women out there- but really- hours on end holding a pole and rarely catching anything? Not my idea of a good time. Also you have to hold still and be quiet- which is not something that my kids excel at. But we were going to give it a shot.

So our first day in Tahoe we went fishing. Got it out of the girls systems. The great part? It took 30 minutes and all three girls caught a fish! Ashley caught the first one which was 14 inches long. Megan caught the next one that was 16 inches long. Annika caught the last one and it was 12 inches long. They were all trout. We had a good dinner that night.

The FishergirlsThe Girls Waiting to fish
The best part? We found a trout farm that would provide all the gear and the bait and let you fish there without a license (because it’s private property) and you only pay for what you catch (by the inch). So the pond was swarming with fish- and it didn’t take long for the girls to catch a fish each! But the very best part? They cleaned the fish for $.50 a piece.


The action from across the pond (There’s a fish in the net Steve is holding- it’s the one Annika just caught)

100_3795.JPGLearning the art of fishing100_3793.JPG


Megan the fisher girl
100_3816.JPGAshley with her fish.

We took a picture of all the girls holding a fish- but the camera for some reason didn’t take it! Grr!

So there was our fishing adventure!

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