Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just say no!

How do you know when you're an addict? I was taking pain pills for my foot. Right when we got back from our trip I went to the dentist and got 5 cavities filled. Two were quite deep. Deep and infected- but not quite infected enough to warrant a root canal. So the dentist did what's called a pulp cap- supposed to keep it from needing a root canal. Anyway- said that they'd be sensitive for a while. Well- it's been two weeks. I now can't function without taking a couple Loratab or Vicoden a day. I've also taken to squirting infant motrin or tylenol directly on the affected area (really helps btw). I went back in today. It's possible that the tooth behind the one he worked on needs a root canal, or it could be in pain because the bite was high, or it could be the ginormous canker sore. So I'm supposed to treat the canker sore, and he fixed the bite. If it doesn't get better by monday or so (not all the way- but a noticable improvement) then I get to go to a specialist for the root canal since it's my very very back molar. Joy. But yeah- I've been taking prescription pain meds daily since the first day of vacation. Not sure that's good.


Anonymous said...

A specialist for that back tooth? that would've been nice to know when I got mine done :P

I hope you feel better soon, no fun!

Anonymous said...

and that was me commenting above, sorry.


Alissa said...

bummer! p.s. specialist called Endodontist. You'll love them. It's infinitely quicker/less painful than getting a root canal from a general dentist. They do great work. I should know. I've had 9.

Valarie said...

that's a lot of narcotics. are you still pooping?

Linsey said...

Oh, pain meds are never wrong :)
Hope your teeth feel better FAST!!!