Monday, September 11, 2006

Some random pictures I've been meaning to share

Here's Cori and her two 'best friends'. The three girls are all within a couple weeks of the same age and hang out a lot. Mostly because their mom's do and stuff- but they're pretty cute together. Cori has started trying to say Sarah's name. Tonight at dinner Sarah was upset and Cori kept 'talking' to her and trying to make her feel better. You could totally tell what she was trying to convey by the tone of her voice and her gestures. Totally cute!
Megan/Minnie mouse. She put on this 12 month costume at someone else's house. ROFL. I couldn't resist the pic.
Cori and Sarah getting a bath in the sink after dinner.
Sarah was supposed to be napping. We came upstairs and Jeffery and Annika had climbed into the crib and all three of them were jumping happily. Yeah, no sleeping there!

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