Friday, October 13, 2006

Shame, shame, know your name

This post would be even better with pictures. But I guess you'll have to see them later since Blogger isn't letting me post any right now....

It's been a busy week. There's been something every evening this week and most nights we've not gotten home until late. This makes for a tired me and a messy house. I can't start the weekend this way or we'll not be able to dig ourselves out on Monday. So starting now at 1:45 I'm working hard until it's all done. What is it all you ask? Well. That's what the pictures were for- to prove that at one point this weekend things were clean, because by Monday? That will no longer be true. (The joys of having kids).

Here is my list:
Blog all the pictures I currently have
Clean kitchen- DONE!! (of course then I made dinner)

Clean/organize study and secretary

organize under bathroom sink
clear stairs DONE- the stuff you see? Painting stuff. Steve's painting the stairway and the upstairs. Woot!!

all laundry done and put away Laundry is all clean, mostly folded and mostly put away. I've got one load left in the dryer (26 minutes until it's done)

find 18 month clothes
put away 12 month clothes
clean bathrooms Bathrooms clean
organize/clean laundry room

wax eyebrows (seriously even took a picture of my caterpiller brows)- See? Told you. Although the picture doesn't do my hairiness justice.

make uberlist of goals like Hope.
Blog that
Move kitchen drawers around
Clean playroom/toss/put up 3/4 of toys

organize bookmarks
Send a thank-you to Char for her thank-you to me
Clean my room, change my sheets DONE- I also cleaned the girl's rooms (including closets) and changed all their sheets

While you're waiting for me here is a fun time waster (mindless fun)


Char said...

Work hard, Ambre!

Did you get my mail yet?

Amber said...

Yes, note edit. :) You're awesome. and thank-you.

Lee said...

Good luck with all your tasks! You are very ambitious!

Alissa said...

dude. you are so awesome. i'd totally come help you... but then you'd have to come help me... okay? deal??

andrea said...

My random comments: Brien wants to paint our kitchen blue and your girls have so many stinkin' toys. You are a hardworker. I only cleaned my bedroom today and planned my lesson for Sunday.