Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A buffet of random thoughts (I am in Vegas afterall)

1. Every room in my house was clean at some point between Friday and Sunday- except for my bedroom and the office.

2. You'd never know that by looking now
2a. What is with that?

3. My business is booming. I'm excited. Woot!

4. Does anyone else notice that when they're more busy they get more done? I know that sounds lame- of course you get more done- you're doing more. But I'm talking about besides the stuff you're busy with. I find that when I've got several projects with deadlines I'm able to get more of the other stuff done that I never seem to be able to finish- mostly because I don't have unlimited time to do them.

5. I also got the summer clothes put away and the winter clothes out this weekend- and the biggest accomplishment- all the boxes are also put away.

6. We did a dessert night on Sunday. Something I like to do about once a month. We invite 5-6 random families from church over trying to mix up people from different ages, parts of the ward (congregation) etc and I make 5-6 different desserts and we eat and chat. It's great fun for me and I hope for the people that come. So I get to try out new stuff without eating it all myself and I get to know more people in the ward.

7. Sunday we invited my visiting teaching companion (another woman that I'm assigned to and together we check up on and visit with several other women in our ward every month) and several of the families that we visit teach. My companion is in her 80's and is Japanese-Hawaiian. She is the sweetest lady ever and she adores my crazy kids. She's trying to get them to call her 'grandma nishi'. Her last name is Nishimoto.

8. Her husband has done a lot of work with the general leadership of the church in Asia. He was the regional representative of Asia and oversaw the construction of the Tokyo Temple. He was talking about his life and telling us stories from WWII (he was a colonel over the Japanese American regiment) and telling us stories about the different people he'd met working with the church. I think he mentioned maybe 5-6 different prophets (head guy in the church) that he'd worked with and knew personally. It was an amazing night. Most people left by about 9:30- but the Nishimotos stayed and chatted until 12:30.

9. I'm making the following today for baskets for school: Chocolate/caramel dipped pretzel rods, chocolate dipped pretzel twists, triple chocolate chunk peppermint cookies, snickerdoodles, tollhouse cookies, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, chocolate popcorn, two bite brownies, white chocolate Chip orange cookies and peppermint bark.

10. Pretty sure steve's office is going to be ordering regularly from me.

11. My aunt Hope made me the coolest apron. She stitched my logo on it. So fun! I'll post a picture after I find the camera cord.

12. I ordered all our Christmas jammies yesterday. Yay for oldnavy.com!

13. We are getting our kids a swingset for Christmas. Well, we're going halvsies with my mom. This one is one that I want to get. Sounds like a reasonable price for that- but after $95 shipping it's really not. So- I leave you with this challenge. Find a wooden swingset like that one- but somewhere that either has free shipping or that we can pick it up.

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Lee said...

You have been busy.
I am impressed with all of your fun desserts!! Sounds delish!