Friday, November 03, 2006

I'm still alive!

Barely though.

This week has been crazy. I've been aiming to stick to the schedule as much as possible. I made a job chart and tv watching rules and the tv's only been turned on once! YAY! We've had a lot of odd things pop up though- dental appointments, medical appointments ect that throw us off- but I'm not aiming for perfection- just following it when we're home to the best of our ability.

Tomorrow is Super Saturday so today I'm trying to figure out what I'm forgetting to get ready. I feel like I should be stressed out- but I'm really not. I've got a great group of really dependable people to help me out and I've put them in charge of certain things and I'm really not worried.

It did occur to me today that this great group of women need to be recognized and thanked in some way so I need to do that tonight as well as prepare for my chocolate class. I'm thinking of killing two birds with one stone and making them some dipped pretzel sticks and wrapping them all pretty. Is that lame??

For my chocolate class I'm teaching: chocolate tempering, nut clusters, chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate dipped pretzels, truffles and chocolate popcorn. They're all totally simple things (I think) but they're things that I've gotten specific requests for. I'm making up handouts so if anyone is interested I can post them here later.

I'll post some pictures of my completed crafts after tomorrow- if I can get my camera to download. I'm suspecting that my cord is ruined since the camera isn't recognizing it. (angry face) I realized this after trying to down load pictures of my totally cute Halloween girls.


Maria said...

I want handouts posted!!

bon said...

Oooo! Waiting for pix and recipes and handounts and HECK NO! ther is never anything lame about getting chocolate dipped anything!

QueenMeadow said...

Pics and handouts please!

And totally too late, but I think the chocolate dipped pretzels is a great gift :)

Sabra said...

chocolate covered pretzels are NEVER lame. EVER. i hope today went great for you

Emily said...

Hope it went great...can't wait to see your stuff!

sheri said...

I guess a copy of the handouts would be ok, but I'd prefer the actual goodies, please. I should be flying over Vegas around 8:45am Thursday. Look for me.