Thursday, November 30, 2006

A recent project and my cool new apron.

This is the apron my Aunt Hope sent me. Cool huh?The day before Thanksgiving I delivered these to school. The PTO bought them.
One basket was filled with White Chocolate Chip Orange cookies
One with Caramel (soft) popcorn
One with triple chocolate peppermint cookies. (Chocolate cookies with chocolate chunks, then half dipped in chocolate and then dipped in crushed peppermint- YUM).
There was also a basket of chocolate dipped pretzels and chocolate/caramel dipped pretzels and a basket of chocolate popcorn.



Char said...

Cool apron and now I'm hungry for cookies. Good thing it's 7:42 am and we have no cookies. Thanks a lot. Jerk.

sheri said...

Awesome! They all look amazingly delicious!

Sabra said... those look and sound so very very good!!!
and way cool apron.

Rachau said...

Cool apron!
The baskets looked delicious also!