Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Our 'magical' dinner

Steve and I are trying to be healthier and are both doing the Weight Watchers plan. In order to fill up and get in our 5 fruits and veggies a day I have a goal of having two (different color) veggies and one fruit at dinner. I'm also trying to incorporate more fish into our diet. So tonight for dinner we had 'pancho villa tilapia', brown rice, acorn squash, steamed broccoli and cantalope. My girls eat pretty well- but it usually takes some encouragement to get them to try new things. Actually it usually takes some encouragement to get Megan to try old things a lot of the time. ("I don't like chicken! It's yucky to me! Followed by, 'hey, this isn't yucky- this is yummy to me!' after 20 minutes of trying to get her to eat it.)

The fish was baked in foil packets- so they couldn't see them. So before I opened them I told them that we were having magic dinner, and if they ate it then they would grow big and strong. (Hey, it's the truth!) They were all excited to try some and all ate it! We told them the broccoli (not something we usually serve) were 'magic trees' and they ate those too. Cantalope is a favorite as is rice so those weren't a big deal. Ashley ate and enjoyed the squash as well. So YAY!


QueenMeadow said...

What a great idea!

Little man says "I don't like yucky stuff, why do you only make yucky stuff?" turd.

Char said...

was it magically delicious?

Lacey said...

We're trying to teach Lilah manners. Their are foods she doesn't like and she'll call them yucky while at the table. Jon tells her it's not polite to say something is yucky. You keep it to yourself and don't say anything if you think it's yucky or you say thank you if you like it.
There's nothing like trying to make a good meal and not have the kids eat it.
I'm glad your "magic" worked on them.

Brien said...

I usually use your blog to get to ours and happen to read it every-once-in-a-while. You are the best manipulative mom I have ever met.
Next you will have the easter bunny serving deviled eggs and tell them it will give them strength beyond their wildest dreams. HEHE.
We readily use the South Beach Cookbook. I highly recomend it. Infact while talking with a coworker that is on the weightwatchers program describe his meals I recognized most of the contents and similar healthy meals in the south beach cookbook. Andrea made some shrimp dish from the cookbook with whole grain brown rice and squash. It was delicious. To get them to eat shrimp you could tell them that the shrimp are cockroaches from the ocean and by eating them you are cleaning up the oceans. Then they can also feel environmentaly friendly. (It realy is fun to read your blog)

Anna said...

My Harvey will do the same thing with food. The way he changes his mind right and left, it's like he just doesn't have any clue what he's actually talking about. We still have to force food into him occasionally. I've really like the Weight Watchers program. I've lost about 80 pounds all told. This year I started following the Simply Filling Technique. I actually don't subscribe to WW anymore, because I feel like I know how to do it well enough to maintain. Just remember that this is about lifestyle more than Dieting. 'Live-it' don't 'Diet' Good luck, sounds like you are off to a fantastic start, talking kids into eating fish!