Thursday, August 11, 2005

So I like to decorate cakes. I do it for birthdays and I'm doing my brother's wedding cake- but that's all for fun. Anyway, I'm doing my first paid cake for Wednesday. I'm way excited-but a little nervous. I'm not sure why. Here is the cake that I did for this ladies friend- I'm pretty darn proud of it:

We're trading hours. She's an interior decorator and so she's coming to help decorate my new house and I'm going to be making birthday cakes for her kids. But she's very outgoing and tells everyone how I make cakes and they are so good and stuff. I guess the best advertising is word of mouth huh? I swear the writing on that was straight- but the picture makes it look like it's a funny angle for some reason.

I"m doing a cake for tomorrow for a party of a good friend. I'm making the cake as a birthday gift for her, but also for exposure. Selfish? Eh, not sure. But I think she'll like it either way. Apparently she loves strawberries. So I made a strawberry cake with a strawberry cream cheese filling and I'm going to frost it with whipped cream frosting. I made a bunch of flowers to put on it tonight. They're kind of wild colors- but I think it'll be fun.

Let's see- what else... my life really isn't very exciting. I wasn't the best mom today, I think my kids are getting sick of summer. I know I am. I'm ready for Ashley to go back to school and to be in our new house and get into some sort of reliable routine. I also feel like I can't really potty train Megan since we're going to be moving here shortly. But she's so ready. SO SO SO ready. This week she's started changing her own diapers if they're just wet. She takes off the old one, wipes, rolls the wipe up inside the wet diaper, throws it in the trash then puts on a new diaper. She is so stinking stubborn though! Drives me insane. If I ask her if she wants to wear panties she says no, if I put them on her anyway then she refuses to use the toilet. It's just not worth fighting about currently.

Anyway, that's my boring life, I'll post a picture of my latest cake tomorrow.

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