Thursday, August 18, 2005

Here it is. The first cake that I've made and gotten paid for. The mom of the birthday girl gave me this napkin and wanted a cake to match... this is what I came up with. A fun, whimiscal, colorful cake covered in marshmellow fondant. (YUM!) It was fun to make and experiment with, I'm hoping for lots more orders.

We got a pathetically low offer on our house yesterday. We countered last night. I'm hoping they accept the counteroffer rather then countering back. We really need to sell, but we need to sell for what it's worth. We should know by tomorrow if she accepted it.

Potty training totally sucks. Seriously. Megan will be 3 next month and really has no desire to wear underwear. Well, she wants to- but she doesn't want the inconveinence of using the potty when she's playing. Totally frustrating that when she decides to wear underwear that she can stay dry for hours at a time- but then when she wants to pee puts on a diaper (yes, she puts it on herself). I think when we get to the new house and unpack that we're going to 'run out' of diapers and she and annika can potty train together.

Annika has started throwing a fit when it's time to put a diaper on, and if I don't put a shirt that snaps at the crotch on her then she rips her diaper off every time she pees. Lovely. So I've been letting her wear panties occassionally. She quite enjoys that, and the days that annika wears panties Megan wants to also. Bonus. Worth cleaning up the pee if it encourages Megan to wear panties and use the potty.

I want to get a kid sized toilet in our new house. One like they have in the nursery at church. So far the cheapest I've found is $250 though. But I'm going to have potty training kids for the next 3 years at least- it'd be worth it right?


Sariah said...

That's a cool cake. What do you charge?

Amber said...

I charged $75 for that cake. After doing it though I should have charged more.

Sariah said...

That's great. I may be helping you in your cake business.

Alissa said...

holy cow! how did i miss this!? this may be my favorite ever, ambah!