Thursday, August 18, 2005


So we are officially 'in escrow' which means that hopefully our house will be sold soon. I'm SO SO SO SO relieved. I feel like a 500 lb weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I don't think that I can accurately describe to anyone who hasn't done it before the feat it is to have my house constantly clean enough for visitors to walk into every corner of the house and look in every closet with four small children. (Remember 3 of them are under 3). Seriously- torture. I feel good to have the living room pretty picked up for unexpected visitors- but with house lookers even the furthest corner of my bedroom and the linen closet have to be clean and orderly... and those are usually the 'stashing' places. It helped to move about 1/3 of our stuff to my IL's spare bedroom (thanks guys) so there was less 'stuff' in general. But if you've met Megan and Annika you know that they can make a disaster out of nearly everything.

****Crazy moment of the day*****
We made the mistake of sitting in the backyard this evening. We'd had dinner out there and Megan and Annika went in the house. For five whole minutes we sat on the swing before I sent Ashley in to see what havok they were wreaking.... They'd decided it'd be fun to empty an entire container of parmasan cheese throughout the bathroom- fun for them- not for me. When will I ever learn? The good news? No one is going to call to see if they can see the house in 15 minutes. (See- there's a brightside to everything!)

Is it reinforcing bad behavior to take pictures?? The funniest thing? You get out the camera and they say....

cheese! (Really, this is as exciting as my life gets...)

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