Sunday, October 09, 2005

Random thoughts...

We were late to church today- not that it's unusual for us, but we're usually 5 minutes late, today we didn't wake up until 8am... church is at 9 and it takes us 20 minutes to get there... yeah, so we were late. I felt like the Sunday School lesson was okay, but I struggle with Sunday School lessons and Sunday School teachers. It's probably the calling in the ward I fear most having as well. Relief Society was good. I actually feel like I got to know a couple of people, and it turns out that there is a new family in the ward that's in our neighborhood! (WAHOO!) They've got two little girls, one that looks about Megan's age and one that is a baby a little older then Corinne. So we're going to go over there tonight after dinner and meet them (I think).

We bought a couch! Our last couch purchase (well, for a long time) so YAY!! The sad thing is that it's on backorder and won't be here until November sometime... maybe December. So we're in for a long wait for it. Our other couches haven't arrived yet either- it's hard to feel 'at home' and unpacked when there isn't furniture. I'm hoping they get here before everyone comes to visit in two weeks.

Speaking of visitors- Barbara showed up for less then 24 hours this week. That was fun. We took her to dinner for her birthday and stuff. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARBARA!!! It's nice that she's close enough to visit with. I need more family close by. I'm voting for my Mom to move to Vegas (do you know how much that would rock!)

Katie is coming to visit us tomorrow since Gordon has kicked her out of the house (mean, mean Gordon) so that he can study for his upcoming professional exam. So yay! I'm hoping having Lily to play with will help Megan a little bit. Who knows. But it'll be fun to have Katie here.

Tomorrow is the big day as far as 'fixing stuff'. All the guys (except one) are scheduled to come and fix things that they screwed up or missed. Then they get to start on the new list. This 'new' house has been a lot of work to get right. Frustrating.

Corinne has decided to sleep through the night. Not sure if I've shared this yet or not- but YAY!! So it's partly her fault that we slept so late. I put her down at 9:30 and she slept until Steve got her out of bed at 8 (still asleep) to come and eat. That is a lovely, lovely thing. We also split Megan and Annika up hoping that it'd help their beastlyness to get more sleep. My theory is that they're not sleeping long enough because as soon as one is up from naps or in the morning they wake up the other one. So we switched Annika and Corinne. We also moved Annika to a toddler bed and she seems to be enjoying it. I'll report later if they're attitude improves with more sleep.

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QueenMeadow said...

I hope the splitting up the girls thing works! My boys wake each other up sometimes too and it bites!