Sunday, October 09, 2005

Amber needs....

This was fun-

Go to google and google your name with the word "needs" in quotes like this:

"Amber needs"

and watch what comes up. According to Google, I need (some silly, some quite insightful- forget the psychic!):

Amber needs two-to-three hours of therapy a day
Good on a leash, Amber needs to lose a few pounds. Would make a great walking/joggingworkout buddy. No cats for this gal. ID#234078. ..."We can only give Amber so much. Amber will need more," admitted Melody
Amber needs an attorney.
Amber needs to be believable
Amber needs a Kleenex
Amber needs some motivation...get the stick
amber needs protecting from harsh sunlight to keepits youthful good looks
Amber needs an outlet for her strong nurturing instincts
Amber needs a change in her life
Amber needs to die. She is 100% mafia.
amber needs polishing with emery paper
Amber needs a huge line of books or a new system
Amber needs to get this chance
Amber needs to be focused and not worry what Dad is going to do
Amber, needs you now
Amber needs to lose weight
Amber Needs Analysis
Amber needs to get a hold of herself
Amber needs a sweater


Arlyn said...

That doesn't work as well with an uncommon name! I got someone's divorce settlement, a dead link, and something that included "sexy girl" (didn't go there!).

Heather said...

haha, it said :

Heather needs "Two Therapist"