Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas stuff!

Wow! It's been a busy week. I'm failing so miserably at the picture a day thing I think I've given up. Maybe I'll try later when it's not Christmas! Ack! Anyway, I spent all day last Wednesday (I think) baking and candy making. Here are some of the fruits of my labors:
Chocolate popcorn and pretzels

Peppermint brownie cups:

The finished plates- they looked so pretty this year! We delivered them to all the neighbors pluse a few people in the ward. We're trying hard to get to know our neighbors here better. So far I feel like I know a couple of them better then anyone in our old neighborhood.

Here are the girls all ready to open presents! We had church at 10am and I knew if we opened presents before church that we'd never get there on time. Especially since I was singing in the choir and had to be there by 9:30. Our Choir director was sick though so I ended up directing last minute. It went well though!

Here is another picture- but the lighting was funky. It's the best picture I got of Annika all morning though.

Here's Ashley in her Christmas dress ready to go to church. We let them open stockings before church. 'Megan decided that she was enjoying picture taking Christmas morning- which is strange for her. She loves the bubble baths they got and wanted to take them to church- for some reason I didn't let her.

Here's Annika looking drugged. She's not- I promise. She's also covered in chocolate- which she kept finding for days!

Corinne's dress is my favorite. I love it! She's playing with/eating her favorite Christmas toy- wrapping paper!
Here are all the girls in their Christmas jammies on Christmas eve. The Pajama Fairy/Elf (apparently the name is up for discussion?) dropped pajamas off on our doorstep during dinner. Ashley was certain that I was the pajama fairy but I was sitting next to her when the doorbell rang. (Remember that thing about knowing my neighbors?? Comes in handy!)

We had a great Christmas though. We went over to Steve's parent's house for dinner about 5 and visited with them and opened more presents there. It was nice to spread out the gift opening throughout the day. I also really liked having Church on Christmas day. Really added to the spirit of the day. I hope your Christmases were wonderful!


Lacey said...

I almost bought Eden the same dress Corrine has on, but we decided against it and let Grandma buy her a Christmas dress.

Hope said...

YAY! Tahnks for the pics. I love seeing the girls. I hope we get to see them in person soon!

I hope Steve is feeling better.

Rachelle said...

Gorgeous girls! And I want to be your neighbor with all that yummy stuff!

Linsey said...

Your girls dresses are so stinking cute, not to mention the girls themselves are also really cute!
I think though, there was some mix-up, I didnt recieve a plate of treats...?!?!?!
Glad you had a good Christmas!