Saturday, December 24, 2005

Sigh... time to relax, sort of

I'm officially (as of last night) done shopping for Christmas presents. I'm not sure why it took me so long to find stuff for Megan and Annika- but it did. It's nice to not have to go anywhere today. We all slept in and then Steve got up with the kids and I slept in some more. Woo! I've pulled a couple of late nights this last week and it's catching up with me apparently. I finally got up, ate a leisurly breakfast, played online, read my scriptures (I only need to read 25 pages a day to finish before the new year- I'm such a slacker) and then I took a nap. I think Steve should be home every day- I get a lot more done. Winky

For some reason it didn't hit me that Christmas was coming so fast until like a week ago. So I decided we should get going on presents, cards, baking ect. I did all my holiday baking and candy making in one day rather then spreading it out over several days. Ashley 'babysat' for me entertaining her sisters one at a time (I napped them opposite) and Corinne decided to take one long afternoon nap so it worked out well. I've got pictures of all the stuff I made- but i'm too lazy to go look for batteries so my camera will turn on.

Our rug came two days ago! Woo!! It looks nothing like the picture- but I think I like it better (is that strange?) I put the coffee table together last night and it looks really good. Our house is looking put together! YAY! Now I just need to clean it. Embarrassed I'm not sure why it's so much harder to keep this house clean. It just feels like it's a never ending project that's not ever finished. Speaking of which I need to go get started on the kitchen....

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Arlyn said...

The bigger the house, the more rooms to spread the "junk" around in, even if it is the same amount as before. I've learned that the best to hope for is one room completely clean at a time (until my helpers get a little better at helping) or most of the rooms mostly clean. Sometimes I opt for none of the rooms clean (like right now!) :)