Tuesday, May 23, 2006


More cake pictures have been added: Here

Cori has been playing on the bottom three steps lately. She goes up and down them and has never gone higher or fallen. She's a very cautious baby. She won't crawl off beds or couches ect. She seems to have depth perception- which in a baby is odd.

Anyway, today she was playing on the stairs and I wasn't thinking anything of it. I stepped over her to grap something and when I turned around to come back downstairs she was right behind me! She'd crawled 3/4 the way up the stairs! Acckk! I stayed behind her as she crawled down them like it was no big deal and she'd been doing it for years. Crazy.


Lacey said...

So are those all dummy cakes? (my explanation- are they fake cakes with real frosting, just to see what the bride wants?)
I like the small poka dots.
Are the designs all on the same cake- just wiped off?...is that an reasonable question?
That seems like a lot of work.

Linsey said...

LOVE those cake pics. LOVE them.

QueenMeadow said...

The cakes are beautiful!!! You are so talented!

Cori, slow down, you aren't old enough to be climbing up/down stairs ;)

Amber said...

Those are all dummy cakes. They're actually made out of rice crispy treats and covered in fondant. But you're right lacey- it's the same cake with the decorations wiped off. It's actually not the details that take tons and tons of time (for me at least) it's the prepping and filling ect.