Monday, May 22, 2006

Update on me.

Thank you all for your kind words. Really, it helps. I had to postpone my appointment on Friday for this afternoon because of some prior commitments I'd forgotten about. But I'm still going. It helps to know that I'm not the only one who's ever felt this way.

I have a crazy busy week. This is a copy of a post on my mommy board:

It's the wedding week.

Monday- finish dummy cakes and take pictures to finalize what my SIL wants (cakes done and covered- I just need to do pictures) Also I'm going to the dr. to do some annual tests for autoimmune disorders, talk about depression and IUD's. (TMI??)

Tuesday- SIL flies in. Need to make bridal shower cake

Wednesday- Bridal shower lunchen, need to make frosting and bake two cakes

Thursday- make the other cakes and make the filling. Rehersal and rehersal dinner. Need to make desserts for dinner. After the dinner I'm decorating the cakes (late into the night all alone).

Friday- wedding. Final touches, transporting cakes ect.

Somewhere in there I need to make my skirt...

I'm posting pictures of my dummy cakes on my other blog (that'll be up and running soon for real). If you're interested here is the link- but I'll be putting things up and taking them down all day. Amberlicious Desserts By Design


ubercyl said...

Holy cow, you are going to be busy! Do you still post cake pics here, or do we need to go to the cake website? I'll just go check it and try to answer my own question.

Good luck this week! And congrats to the bride and groom!

KAT said...

So do we get to vote which we like best? I like 3 tiers, center stacked, and Gordon liked 4 tiers, stair stacked...

They look good.

Lee said...

Girl you are so busy!! Wow! I am glad you are getting to the dr. Today I felt like I was sinking.. it is always nice to know we aren't alone. Your post last week really touched me.

Anonymous said...

Okay, stupid question... who is getting married? Your fav cuz

Amber said...

Steve's brother Doug is getting married to his long time girlfriend June. They live in San Fransico but both of their parents and families live here so they're going to get married here (yay!)

The Dr. was good. Gave me Effexor and a prescription for counseling.

Nettie said...

I'm glad you had a good apt. And LOVE the cakes! Very elegant!

Lanell said...

Glad the dr apt went well. You are going to have one crazy week with everything you have to do. I love the cakes. You've done a great job.