Friday, June 09, 2006

It's been a busy week!

Last week-

Monday- my mom moved in. They (my mom, sisters and they're backyard neighbor who took an entire day out of his life to drive the truck, unpack and fly back home to Utah) drove down, unpacked the truck and started setting up the house.

Tuesday- had Megan's last day of preschool-co-op party at the park. Did potluck lunch and a short, sweet ceremony. Came home and crashed with the kids- dreamed of a mouth so swollen that I couldn't function. Woke up with extreme mouth pain. Bad enough I was taking prescription pain meds from the birth of my last child. Fed my family (includind mom and sisters) dinner. Crashed after dinner from pain and drugs- didn't sleep much.

Wednesday- took advantage of all the aunts in town and went to a new dentist in the early am. I had my first ever root canal. I've heard horror stories about the pain. I have very sensitive teeth. VERY. I usually feel fillings and have to have multiple shots of novicane (which are excruciating). This guy was good. I felt nothing- not even the shot. Also- had this cool plastic tarpy thing that went around my tooth so that nothing went down my throat. Seriously painless, and for a dental procedure as pleasant as it could be. He's a keeper. (I'm still gagging at the expense though).

Had Ashley's 'first grade promotion' ceremony at school. She got an award for A/B honor roll and for citizenship. There was only one boy and one girl that got a citizenship award. I knew it would be Ashley before the teacher announced it. She's just a really, really good kid. A teacher's dream.

Fed my (entire) family dinner again. I like to feed people. My mom's house isn't put together yet. It works out nicely. My sister's stayed late and we chatted. I really enjoy having a bunch of sisters. I'm enjoying it more and more the older we get.

Thursday- Last day of school!! YAY! I'm excited for summer vacation. I know that by next week I'll be ready for school to start again but for right now I'm ready to sleep in a little and not have to be at certain places at certain times and to have unrestricted hang out time with my NBF (new best friend) and her kids (who my kids love and play well with).

I am trying to come up with some way to make us go do things though. Otherwise we'll all stay home in our pj's all day every day watching tv and playing on the computer. I'm coming up with chore charts (totally copying Char) and some sort of tv earning program (thinking rooms have to be clean and you have to complete so many work book pages or read so much?? It's still a work in progress) so that the tv isn't constantly on at our house.

I teach the 7/8 year old's at church but after last week won't be doing that anymore. So we had a party at my house yesterday and played water balloon games, ate pizza, had a water balloon fight and made root beer floats, banana splits or sundaes (depending on the kid).

Then last night we had a 'boo hoo we'll miss you' Relief Society (women's organization) meeting last night since they split our ward (congregation) last week. I took my Mom and sister and afterwards we went shopping at the ghetto walmart. One that I don't go to by myself. While we were there a fight broke out between an employee and a customer. Classy. Doesn't get more ghetto then that folks.

Today was the first official day of summer vacation! YAY!! So we went to the library and signed up for summer reading club. I took my mom and sister jessica with us so that it was feasible and we met Emily and her kids there. It is a tiny library- but small enough that I don't worry about losing kids! Also- the highlight of our library experience is the 'just my size' bathroom in the children's section- Megan and annika LOVED it. LOVED. We made it to the library and home again with no one peeing their pants. Outing considered successful.

We were going to go to the dinasaur park and play in the sprinklers- but the playground was closed for resurfacing. Bummer. Instead we came back to my house and let the girls (mine and Emily's) run through the sprinklers while we sat in the air conditioned house and chatted. Perfect. Really I could do that every day this summer.

That was last week, this week hasn't been that exciting. Hanging out, cleaning, swimming, hanging out some more... really not sure what's happened to my blogging- all this trying to be a good mom is time consuming!


Alissa said...

stop trying to be a good mom. get on messenger more often. the end. (love your update)

Lynn said...

Wow! Have you caught your breath yet? That was a busy week! I'm glad your root canal went well. I'm terrified of the dentist chair.

Sabra said...

WOAH! So much to comment on, I wonder if I can remember...I, too, LOVE having a lot of sisters. And it's true, the older we get, the better it is. Yay for little-toilets. We have one in our church's nursery, and it is the only one K will use in church. So nice, though. I like the chore chart/reward thing. We need to do that, too. You totally got to talk to me this week, so that's something :p Thanks again :) :) :)

Valarie said...

I'm glad you're loving having your family close. I always wonder how that would go for me.

bon said...

Dang! What a post, I'm reeling! Seriously, it's good to read ya again.

Heh, a fight at the Wally's! Classic.