Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why is December so busy?

Tonight was Annika's third birthday party. (Happy birthday to her). The party went well. The food was good (Italian themed since she wanted 'mini pizzas') the cake was delicious and adorable. My kitchen needs to be recleaned and my kids need to be put to bed. Fun was had by all. Pictures to follow in the near future.

Tomorrow is the progressive dinner for the women at church- that I'm in charge of. None of it is at my house- but I'm bringing lots of food because I'm compulsive like that. I'm in need of a good soup recipe that can simmer in the crockpot all day. I'm thinking baked potato soup? But really I'm up for anything.

Friday is Steve's office party. At club tequila. Which is in a casino. So I need to find something slutty to wear (ha ha, just kidding). I'm making two full sheet cakes with the company logos on them though. So that's my project for Friday.

Saturday morning is a funeral for a friend of mine's 17 year old son. I'm terribly saddened by this and am helping out with the funeral luncheon after the family goes to the gravesite. I just can't fathom the pain of suddenly and tragically loosing a child.

Saturday night we're going out with some friends for dinner and then to 'The Forgotten Carols' which is a Christmas production that's pretty cheesy- but fun.

Then Sunday I collapse- except for the whole church thing. Woot!

Also- we bought tickets to Hawaii. We leave in less then a month. For 10 days. I'm freaking excited!! We're all going. Wahoo!

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Char said...

You are busy, Amber.

Hawaii rules! Lucky!